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July 14, 2012


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:star: :star: :star: COMMISSIONS BLOG #11!   :star: :star: :star:

Welcome to Sellers-Showcase's eleventh Commissions blog! Here you will find a selection of members who are looking to be commissioned, along with three of their best works and pricing information!

:iconkagenorix: KageNoRix
Strengths: I am good and writing romance, action and suspense. I also excel in Fantasy and I have a very wide imagination. I am also good at writing interactions between characters.
Prices: Depends on the length.
Best works: The PoisonNot now.
She succeeded in ignoring it so far. She couldn't let it take her down now.
It pulsed through her veins.
The poison slowly tearing her down from the inside.
She landed on a branch closing her violent purple eyes trying to block out the pain.
Please not now, it's nearly over.
Warm liquid gurgled in her throat, the urge to cough took her over and the red liquid poured out of her lips.
Quick harsh gasps escaped her mouth as her lungs forced more air into them.
She could hear some distant voices speaking, had the poison driven her to madness.
They got louder.
"Chiryu, what are your coordinates?"
She finally remembered that she had an earpiece in her ear and that those were her teammates speaking.
More blood escaped her lips as coughing fit engulfed her. She rasped for far breath trying to keep her balance as her vision turned blurry, the mess of trees and branches losing themselves into each other.
"Nara, calm down."
"Yamanaka, I saw that poiso
The Prickling SandIt all started when she was small, seeing him through her spirits. His blood red hair, his light clear sea blue eyes surrounded by dark black bruises it drew her to him. Although his pain was something that spiked her curiosity the most, it made her realize she wasn't the only one in pain. She had a very strange pull to him and a huge urge to go to him and help him, save him from himself, even though no one was there to save her from herself.
As they years passed Wendy grew into a strong female Kunoichi, found her sister, saved her brother and found a place to call home. Kiyoshi her elder brother turned into the most caring and gentle person in the world and a fantastic medical ninja. Rix opened up started to trust and turned into a formidable Kunoichi who would die to protect her friends and family. They were a tough trio, always there for each other. But she couldn't help think of him, the redhead boy with the pained heart.
It surprised her to see him all grown up, his eyes no longer
Iris, night, snowThe crunching of the snow filled the cold silent night. Cold short breaths escaped Lea's lips; she clutched the books desperately to her chest. Her school robe long gone in her rush out of the castle.
She shot a glance over her shoulder at the castle windows; any teacher could easily catch her now.
10 more steps until she could reach the safety of the forest.
Her body shivered as she flattened her back against a tree trunk, listening for any suspicious sounds. Nothing, nothing except for the soft drumming of her racing heart.
"Well, well, what do we have here?"
In her shock, Lea jumped sideways way from the voice. Tumbled over her own feet, dropped the books, and landed on the soft snow with a Fwump.
A soft chuckle filled the silence until it increased to muffled laughter.
Lea recognized the laughter and looked up at her so-called attacker. He was covering his mouth with his hand as his body trembled with laughter, his red hair resembling fire in the moonlight.

Extra Info: Commissions Menu:

- - -

:iconrickthewolf: rickthewolf
Strengths: I have been working on improving my art drawing skills with more simple manga like art and traditional drawings.
Prices: Completely free, your requests help me draw better and better with each commission I do and that's all I want and need.
Best works: Slash Commission (free) by rickthewolfshadow sniper by rickthewolfcity lights by rickthewolf
Extra Info: Can send requests via Tumblr (… ) or comment here:… .

- - -

:iconkhezix: Khezix
Strengths:  Fantasy creatures and real animals are my focus, but I'm up for just about anything. I also enjoy drawing backgrounds and scenery. My works tend to semi-realistic, either digital or ink, colored pencils, markers, and/or watercolors.
Prices:   USD, but I may take points for certain digital works.
For one character, sketches range from $6 to $10, colored drawings are $15 to $30, illustrations are $40 and up, and custom character designs start at $5.
I also offer discounts for artistic liberty.
Free shipping within the States. I will ship internationally for a small fee.
Best works: The Plagued by KhezixDeep Blue by KhezixAncient Guardian by Khezix
Extra Info: Commission journal: Also note that I have 7 slots: 2 illustration slots and 5 slots for anything else.

- - -

:iconmelckia: Melckia
Strengths: I draw traditional lineart or W/B pictures or digital coloring. I prefer drawing people, but I can do some animals and fantasy.
Prices: 10€ ~ 20€+ additional character or background.
Best works: Cat-Dragon - FOR SALE by Melckia4 seasons and elements by MelckiaChef Phoenix by Melckia
Extra Info: Commissions Journal:…

- - -

:iconardenellennixon: ArdenEllenNixon
Strengths: I am professional artist skilled in painting both people and animals, though on DA I am best known for my lions.
Prices: All prices are in USD. I prefer PayPal but also accept money orders and personal checks; I will wait until the latter clear before mailing any artwork.

Rough Pricing (rice breaks are gladly given if you purchase more than one commission)

5 x 7" = $75 & up
5 x 9" = $100 & up
9 x 12" = $150 & up
11 x 14" = $225 & up
12 x 16" = $350 & up
16 x 20" = $425 & up
18 x 24" = $475 & up
Best works: I Wake to Sleep by ArdenEllenNixonThe Truce by ArdenEllenNixonThe Fallen Arises by ArdenEllenNixon

- - -

Please get into contact with our artists via note. We hope that you find the right artist for you :)

:star: :star: :star: Previous Commission Blogs :star: :star: :star:

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:star: :star: :star: About Our Commission Blogs :star: :star: :star:

We promise to post our commission blogs fortnightly so that we can feature even more members that want to gain commissions, if we have enough participants to star in them.

If you would like to take part in our next blog, note the group with:
:bulletblue: Your strengths as an artist
:bulletblue: Prices
:bulletblue: Three thumbs to your best works

and we will be sure to feature you! :D

:bulletblue: Be sure to read our Rules and Guidelines, found on our homepage.
:bulletblue: Refer to the Gallery Criteria before submitting art to the gallery.
:bulletblue: If confused over prices, take a look at our Pricing Guide.

Remember to tell us if you sell your work, so we can move it to the "SOLD" folder!

If you have any questions or queries regarding the group, you can either send us a note, leave a comment, or contact one of the SS Team~

Please donate any free points that you have to Sellers-ShowcasePA. We appreciate every contribution! :D

The SS Team;
Terry-L-T-Kitto KW-Scott Spydi-mel sailormoonangel22

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GothicxNightxOwl Jul 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This sounds great, thank you so much for doing this!!!!!!
We're glad you like them :D It's what we are here for :)
lunalove2 Jul 14, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So, to be in a Commission Blog of yours, I'll just have to send a note to the group?
Hi there! :) Yeap, just send a note with the information we have asked for (Summary of your strengths, prices and thumbs of your three best pieces) and we will be sure to include you :D
lunalove2 Jul 14, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay, thank you very much for making it clear to me :meow:
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